Panasonic KX-TDA 30/100/200/600, KX-TDE100/200
Options Card Panasonic KXTDA/KXTDE
List Option's Card For Pabx Panasonic KX-TDA 30/100/200/600, KX-TDE100/200 Model No And Description

Model No. Description TDE100 TDE200 TDA30 TDA100 TDA200 TDA600
KX-A228 S/M-type Back-up Battery Cable Battery Cable
KX-A229 L-type Back-up Battery Cable Battery Cable
KX-A258 Blank Slot Cover Blank Slot Cover
KX-TDA0103 L-type Power Supply Unit PSU-L
KX-TDA0104 M-type Power Supply Unit PSU-M
KX-TDA0105 Memory Expansion Card MEC
KX-TDA0108 S-type Power Supply Unit PSU-S
KX-TDA0161 4-Port Doorphone Card DPH4
KX-TDA0162 2-Port Doorphone Card (German Type) DPH2
KX-TDA0164 4-Port External Input/Output Card EIO4
KX-TDA0166 16-Channel Echo Canceller Card ECHO16
KX-TDA0168 Extension Caller ID Card EXT-CID
KX-TDA0170 8-Port Digital Hybrid Extension Card DHLC8
KX-TDA0171 8-Port Digital Extension Card DLC8
KX-TDA0172 16-Port Digital Extension Card DLC16
KX-TDA0173 8-Port SLT Ext Card SLC8
KX-TDA0174 16-Port SLT Ext Card SLC16
KX-TDA0175 16-Port SLT Ex with Message Lamp Card MSLC16
KX-TDA0177 16-Port SLT Ext Card with Caller ID CSLC16
KX-TDA0180 8-Port Analogue Trunk Card LCOT8
KX-TDA0181 16-Port Analogue Trunk Card LCOT16
KX-TDA0182 8-Port DID Card DID8
KX-TDA0183 4-Port Analogue Trunk Card LCOT4
KX-TDA0184 8-Port E & M Trunk Card E&M8
KX-TDA0187 T-1 Trunk Card T1
KX-TDA0188 E-1 Trunk Card E1
KX-TDA0189 8-Port Caller ID/Pay Tone Card CID/PAY8
KX-TDA0190 Optional 3-Slot Base Card OPB3
KX-TDA0191 4-Channel Message Card MSG4
KX-TDA0193 8-Port Caller ID Card CID8
KX-TDA0196 Remote Card RMT
KX-TDA0284 4-Port BRI Card BRI4
KX-TDA0288 8-Port BRI Card BRI8
KX-TDA0290 PRI Card (PRI23) PRI23
KX-TDA0290CE/CJ PRI Card (PRI30) PRI30
KX-TDA0410 CTI Link Card CTI Link Card
KX-TDA0470 16-Channel VoIP Extension Card IP-EXT16
KX-TDA0484 4-Channel VoIP Gateway Card IP-GW4E
KX-TDA0490 16-Channel VoIP Gateway Card IP-GW16
KX-TDA0820 Memory Card for Software Upgrade SD
KX-TDA0920 Memory Card for Software Upgrade  SD
KX-TDA6105 Memory Expansion Card EMEC
KX-TDA6110 Bus Master Card BUS-M
KX-TDA6111 Bus Master Expansion Card BUS-ME
KX-TDA6166 16-Channel Echo Canceller Card EECHO16
KX-TDA6174 16-Port SLT EXT Card ESLC16
KX-TDA6175 16-Port SLT Ext with Message Lamp Card MSLC16
KX-TDA6181 16-Port Analogue Trunk Card ELCOT16
KX-TDA620 Expansion Shelf Expansion Shelf
KX-TDA6201 Mounting Kit for expanding  Mounting Kit
KX-TDA6920 Memory Card for Software Upgrade  SD

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